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How often do you walk among the rocks, in the sand, or dirt, or mud, or grass, barefoot?  Most of us would have to answer that that question with an honest “Hardly ever.” or “Never…”.  Though controversial, many point to the modern day lack of earth-to-barefeet contact as one of the causes of some of the most prevalent emotional and physical health issues challenging society today*.  If that’s the case, the solution may be simple, even if you don’t have ready and consistent access to the outdoors.

Take a look below, this is just a starting place, and see if any of these items can be helpful to you in getting more grounded.


Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (2014):


Getting Grounded: for Health & Healing (Kindle Edition):


Get Grounded! 35 Simple Ways to Balance Your Body, Mind and Spirit, Volume 2, (2014):


Earthing Every Day: Managing Anxiety (Kindle Edition):


Grounding: Coming Home to Your Self (2010):


Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (2011):


Barefoot Walking – 50 Health Benefits to Start Earthing Barefoot Right Now (Kindle Edition):


Get Grounded (Kindle Edition):


Grounding Therapy: Nature’s Most POWERFUL Natural Health Secret Rediscovered (Kindle Edition):



Dr. Mercola Earthing Universal Mat:


Grounded Beauty Ground Therapy Sleep Mat:


Original Earthing, Earthing and Grounding Cable Accessories, 15 ft Straight Cable: 


Original Earthing, Earthing and Grounding Cable Accessories, 20 ft Coiled Cable:


Original Earthing, Earthing Grounding Recovery Bag:


Shieldgreen Eco friendly Earthing Therapy Yoga Pad, Stainless Steel Fabric, Earthing Holder for Massage, Adapter:


Green Grounding Earthing Conductive Sleeping Fabric Sheet, 30″x60″, Stainless Steel Microfibers Blended with Cotton, Washable, Made in USA:


Assurance Silver Fabric for Earth Connection and Grounding, 110″x76″:


Earthing Grounding Half-Bedding Sheet Tencel with Silver Fiber Set:


LandKissing® Pillow Case (2 sets) for Grounding, Cotton Beige 31”x19”, Suitable for Standard Pillows Envelop Design, No Zipper:


Tylson Grounding Rod and Cable for Grounding Products, Use Your Existing Cord, Fits Any Brand that Plugs into Your Outlet Ground:


Original Earthing, Earthing Sheet Fitted Double Mains: 


Liv’s Natural Grounding Earthing Universal Mat:


Shieldgreen Eco-friendly Earthing Therapy Mouse Pad, EMF shielding, Set of 2:


pluggz Kona Women’s Flip Flops:


Bastien Industries Women’s Maple Tan Moose Hide Leather Ballet Earthing Moccasins:


Bastien Industries Men’s Moose Hide Leather with Heavy Oil Tan Sole Earthing Moccasins: