Learning Objectives

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The Objectives or Goals for this Course

  • Understand what Restorative Energetic Movement is and how it may help you
  • Explore the principles of breathing and learn how to:
    1. Breathe better
    2. Integrate improved breath control into your everyday life
    3. Use your breath to alleviate unnecessary muscle tension
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How to Achieve these Objectives

  1. Minimize distractions and fully engage your mind as you watch the lesson on 1x or 1.5x speed
  2. Take notes as needed
  3. After the first viewing, watch the lesson again, at 1x speed, and follow along with the simple exercises
  4. Take a day or two to digest use the material in your daily life and then move on to the next lesson
  5. Repeat 1 through 4 until you’ve completed the course or assimilated the presented information!