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Monday Motivation 03.11.19: Destiny

You are here, now, for a reason.  Go!

Only by Work!

Anyone can wish for what they want, but are you willing to work for all you desire?

Others, but Not You…

Statistically, by this time in January, most people have already forsaken their “New Year, New Me!” resolutions and goals.  But not you.  You are not like the rest, and here’s why… Others.  You. Those who have already given up on their goals: Have lost…

Four Things to Fix if You Want to Thrive in 2019!

Fix these four simple things before you set off in pursuit of your 2019 goals and dreams, and you’ll be amazed how much easier your success will flow!

It’s Holiday Fitness Check-In Time!

We are in it–the holiday season is in full swing!  So, how are you doing?  No, I’m not asking whether or not you’ve been naughty or nice, made your list and checked it twice, or if you’ve completed your shopping.  Nope, I want to…